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Blogging as way to gain control of our Government?

Blogging as way to gain control of our Government?

Basic Premises
There is no wealth that has not been produced by the labor and ingenuity of human beings.
Land and resources within the boundaries of any nation, whether the resources are gold, oil, or any other mineral deposit, are not wealth but merely elements which when used by humans to produce products of use to them, are merely potential wealth.
As USA President Theodore Roosevelt said in a speech made August 31,1910, as quoted on the internet:
“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”
Wealth is anything produced by humans from land and resources therein.
All of the land and resources were initially subject to the first humans owned in common. Humanity succeeded, by inheritance, to all the rights to land resources in common ownership.
Naturally, those living nearby, were the people who used the resources, first wild life and later from farming, and, finally, all of the prior uses plus extraction and processing of mineral deposits, all for the prosperity of all in the community.
Government developed from the people to maximize the production of their societies and to insure equitable use of the resources and distribution of the wealth produced. It was only later that government structures were perverted to divert wealth to the few, the monarchs and aristocracy; the plutocrats and their puppets, away from the equitable distribution which survived in some democratic societies in the 14th century such as the Iroquois confederacy while monarchy still flourished in the world.
The people must rule themselves for themselves.
The people can obtain guidance on everything pertinent to life on this planet from expert human beings concerned and knowledgeable about: global warming, free education, robotics and automation, green energy, economics, ad infinitum. There can be brainstorming among specialists and generalists re. any special issue.
There must be total transparency in all actions by all high Governmental officials and all elected representatives of the people as well as of Appellate and Supreme Court Judges to assure that there is no corruption and actually is work being done for the people not for special interests.
Founders of the USA were the first to throw off monarchy, the concept that rulers were chosen by God and therefore must be obeyed, for new concept that all government sprang from the people.
Perhaps it was partly because of the familiarity of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and others, with the government of the “noble savages”, the Iroquois. These “savages” apparently had a confederacy which our first government after the Revolution was modeled upon. The Navajo nations had no wealth and little income disparity as the tribes distributed an adequate amount for all, on a per capita basis. Clan women elected and could impeach their chieftains and the social contract was in full flower. Their confederacy did not have a right of taxation and that was one of the reasons our first attempt at building a nation, one based upon the equality of people each with inherent rights, failed. There was a common distain for the Continental dollar, which Congress had printed up in the millions to fund the Revolution but which had no real backing. The States were supreme but unable to even defend themselves and so the lack of currency and common defense led to uprisings such as that of farmers about to lose their farms because of the hardships arising because of the poor governmental structure. So, our founding fathers met to devise “A more perfect union.”
Now we face a newly oppressive style of government, that of the wealthy oligarchs who corrupt “our representatives” with campaign contributions, fees for nominal work, revolving door jobs, and actual bribes as well as special small favors such as trips, meals, and entertainment. The oligarchs essentially use their power over what was contemplated as being our representatives to enfeeble the power of the national government to tax them at rates common during the prosperous thirty years following WWII. This inability caused the considerable hardship as the Administrative arm of our government to enforce laws and regulations was a big factor in the loss of trillions to the people in the 2007-2010 period, the deferred maintenance destruction of much of our infrastructure and assaults by oligarch puppets on the social security and programs directed to alleviate the effects of poverty.
These puppets of the oligarchs actually shut down the government, even though it was not really acting as our founders contemplated, and resolved to: permit no new taxation, no matter the need of the people or ruin of our infrastructure.
We must all take strong measures to insure that government of the people, by the people, and for the people must not perish from this earth. Our political and economic structures control all aspects of life in our country. It is therefore, essential that we control the government so that these structures can be modified to best serve all citizens.

I forget who said “Trust but test” and that is what we must do. O.K., we can’t all act on each issue brought to our representatives, but neither do we need a Paul Revere to ride through our streets at night saying that our representatives are not spending time for us but solely for themselves. Consider the recent representative from Florida who reported that when the new congressmen were briefed they were told they had to spend four hours a day raising money for their national party. Umm, maybe their pay rates should be cut in half? What if one of us workers took off half the day to beg on a street corner, or on their phones? Full pay, or bye-bye Birdie?
All elected representatives and top officials must be totally responsive to humans affected by their actions and inaction.
How to Attain Essential Elements
Transparency through daily Reports:

Have each Representative, e.g.: President, Senator, Congressman, and each high official, all secretaries of government departments, Federal Judges at Appeals courts and Supreme Courts, and all those out of such offices report to the people via blogs which are similar to that of “the Hill.com”. Reports would include logs re. activities in different categories with columns for cross-referencing other reports: e.g. Time logs: Daily activities related to position and all non-family activities: Headings could include (solely for example):
Meetings; Time, (from -to:.) With;( name, acting for, Constituent, Contractor, Lobbyist for, Date of last prior meeting, purpose of meeting, action taken or pending with date expected to finish, Compensation rec’d or promised) Other, help me.?
Money or other compensation received during past week:
1. From: Constituent with name;
2. campaign contributor;
3. lobbyist for identity; entity seeking contract and wishing my influence for:
4. For:
5. speech (with column to check for reference to speech provided in another log with full text of speech set out in that other log) for my influence or other act (describe act) .
Bills/contracts/help requested or advocated and why as well as time spent.
Response to suggestions/requests/demands from those conferring with representative in any manner.
There would be, at the end of each report a place for a signature that the report was complete and true by the party required to make it, as well as the date of report and of signature in case latter not the same as first.
As with the referenced blog, there would be a section for input by citizens and could be in two parts or more, e.g.: Brainstorming; Response to goals of or actions of reporting individual; Demands agreed upon by the majority of those contributing to the blog, after brainstorming of at least e.g. a month on any given proposed action.
With total transparency, citizens of a country could review acts of their governmental representatives and executives, comment on them and give them direction. Perhaps, if most agree, even special interests could, on a page identifying themselves as such, make brainstorming remarks or suggesting activities that would benefit the country. Teddy Roosevelt pointed out that not all special interests were antagonistic to citizens.
Of course, in countries where dictatorship still prevailed, the above could never be accomplished. Perhaps the enlightened countries ran by the people could use sanctions, short of war which only destroys people and their wealth, to help change the rule in such countries?

NOW, I AM NO FOUNDING FATHER, just an anxious Korean War vet who sees a country that was prosperous with a realizable dream for all disappearing for his grandchildren. Our current technology should let us make meaningful reports to us from our elected representatives, President on down, to us on a regular basis. It should also let us brainstorm together on any issue that comes up and let our representative know what we, THE PEOPLE, want.
Help me attain the goal of truly representative government. I am making three posts now that have ideas of how to change the loss of the power Lincoln felt we must have, as did Washington. Help me, help yourself, help your grandkids, and mine!

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